The Town Green

Come feel the grass under your feet. If you remember picnics on blankets in the cool grass, don't fret—they haven't disappeared. The Town Green is an open grassy space close to Catherine's Market, and used for a variety of events. But on an everyday basis, it's open to you and your picnic basket. The view of the pastures at The Stables isn't bad either. Why not stop by the CafĂ© at Catherine's, pick up something yummy and relax on your blanket? The Green is right here waiting, a great way to enjoy the outdoors and maybe even a breathtaking sunset.

Throughout the year, special events are held on the Town Green, such as the annual RXR Fest, Arti Gras, Fall Family Festival, Christmas at Crossroads, and Friday On The Green with live entertainment and weekly yoga classes during the summer. The Green is often used as venue for special events at Russell Crossroads. After all, life in a simpler time wasn't all pavement.