Activities & Outdoors

  • Adventure Center

    Adventure Center Russell Crossroads

    Residents and visitors alike come to Russell Lands on Lake Martin to experience the beauty and recreational opportunities the community offers—whether on the water or off. To address this desire, Russell Lands opened the Adventure Center at Russell Crossroads.


  • Lake Martin Amphitheater

    The AMP on Lake Martin

    Mr. Russell's gift to the community, Lake Martin Amphitheater was built in 1998 by Russell Lands, Inc. on a bluff overlooking beautiful Lake Martin. It is managed by Lake Martin Arts Council, a 501(c)(3) organization, to provide entertainment, art and cultural events for the Lake Martin community.


  • Discovery Center

    Step into the Discovery Center at Russell Crossroads, and you'll be greeted by the richness of local timber and stone. But, you'll also find the rich history of Lake Martin and the Russell Family. The Discovery Center serves as a "welcome center" for guests and visitors and includes a three-dimensional pictorial timeline of the Lake Martin area.


  • The Stables

    Sliding into the saddle at Russell Lands is a bit like stepping back in time. Here, you can ride the land in its most pristine state, unspoiled as nature intended it to be. An 8,000 square foot equestrian center is home to several prized horses including Paints, Buckskins and Palomino Quarter horses—perfect mounts for exploring the Russell Forest Trail System.


  • Naturalist cabin

    Marianne Gauldin is the Russell Lands Naturalist and Wildlife Educator. She introduces visitors to Russell Lands' variety of flora and fauna through specially scheduled Guided Nature Tours and Wildlife Presentations at the Russell Crossroads Naturalist Cabin.


  • The Town Green

    If you remember picnics on blankets in the cool grass, don't fret—they haven't disappeared. The Town Green is an open grassy space close to Catherine's Market, used for a variety of events. But on an everyday basis, it's open to you and your picnic basket. The view of the pastures at The Stables isn't bad either. Why not stop by the Café at Catherine's, pick up something yummy and relax on your blanket?


  • Russell Forest

    Russell Lands has set aside several thousand acres of property throughout its property at Lake Martin as a working forest known as Russell Forest. Russell Forest ensures that future generations of Lake Martin residents and visitors may personally experience the woodlands along with the flora and fauna supported by it. The Russell Forest also ensures that development will proceed in a manner harmonious with nature.